Unisyn Voting Solutions' OpenElect® suite of products is the FIRST to receive 2005 Certification based on the United States Election Assistance Commission's 2005 Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG) for our digital scan voting systems.

We are also the first provider of a secure and hardened Linux/Java platform, using transparent source code, which is available for independent review as part of an official procurement or evaluation process by a voting jurisdiction. Our cutting edge technology has exceeded that of our competitors, providing the best in world-class service and products for our customers.

The team at Unisyn Voting Solutions is dedicated to helping government institutions optimize their election programs and provide best-in-class service to their jurisdictions and precincts. Our innovative approach enables us to deliver systems and products which are:

  • Secure: provides multi-tiered protection
  • Auditable: complete chain of custody
  • Flexible: accommodates all election types and robust ADA voter requirements
  • Efficient: saves you time and resources
  • Scalable: designed to meet the needs and budget of every jurisdiction

Unisyn has embraced the standards set forth by the voting community and we work in partnership with our customers to instill security and voter confidence.

Currently used in Los Angeles, California, and Jackson County, Missouri, InkaVote Plus precinct ballot counter (PBC) retains the familiar elements of traditional voting systems while providing increased management and control of ballot tabulation at the precinct level. Most importantly, the PBC meets all requirements of the Help America Vote Act, including an audible ballot for visually impaired voters as well as a voter verifiable paper audit trail.

For more information, please visit www.unisynvoting.com, email mktg@unisynvoting.com or call our Election Services Specialists 760-734-3233 today.

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