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DataTrak® II Lottery System

The company offers the entire spectrum of lottery products and services, including gaming system software, instant ticket management, agent terminals, data communications, consulting, training, facilities management and maintenance support.

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DataTrak® II Lottery System

The DataTrak® II Lottery System integrates the entire spectrum of lottery operation and management into a single application that the lottery controls. This advanced gaming terminal is designed to adapt to the lottery’s changing needs and offers full feature lottery operations, management and support, including:

  • Game and draw management

  • Hotline functions

  • Agent and terminal administration

  • Asset management

  • Communications management

Responding quickly to player demands, DataTrak II delivers highly secure and engaging gaming with enhanced wagering capabilities. Software is highly modular and parameter-driven for dynamic control and rapid development of new games.

With features that allow the lottery to react to changing market conditions, identify opportunities and increase revenue, DataTrak II is a system as dynamic as the lottery itself.

Check out the Digital Brochures:

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DataTrak Anywhere Gaming System

The DataTrak Anywhere is a fully integrated, open betting application designed to bring enhanced wagering capabilities directly to players.


It allows betting by smart or mobile phone, tablet, or computer, providing the ultimate in cashless gaming convenience. Players can also save favorite bets, replay previous ones, review transaction history and check for winning tickets from any channel. With DataTrak Anywhere, players can play the lottery from almost anywhere at almost any time.

PGMC_ILTS DataTrak Anywhere Brochure

DataTrak Instant Gaming System

DataTrak Instant is a fully integrated, instant ticket validation and management system that provides real-time verification of instant lottery tickets. Featuring a host of accounting, distribution and inventory control functions, it streamlines the entire instant ticket process and provides an increased level of security and control.

  • Agents are no longer required to manually validate tickets.

  • Winning tickets and prize payout values can be determined quickly.

  • Lost or stolen tickets and fraudulent redemption attempts can be readily identified.

  • Accounting functions are automatic and real-time.

This versatile product can also function as a stand-alone system to automate instant ticket distribution and redemption, and provide improved security for instant lottery operations. With features like these, DataTrak Instant has just what your lottery needs to achieve instant success.

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