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Intelimark FLXPlus
Lottery Terminal

With the introduction of the original Intelimark terminal, ILTS increased performance and reliability by integrating its patented ticket-handling system with the latest point-of-sale technology in a single, compact unit. As a result, the Intelimark set the benchmark standard with MTBF rates in excess of 400,000.

Now with the introduction of the ILTS Intelimark FLXPlus, the company is setting a new standard. This compact yet robust system retains the best features of the original with enhanced functionality and even more options.

  • State-of-the-art processor with expandable memory up to 4GB

  • Larger 15” color touch screen display

  • Optional mag / smart card / bar code reader

  • Optional ticket branding in language of your choice

  • Color customization of main unit

For big performance in small spaces, the Intelimark FLXPlus offers the features and functionality to help you maximize your lottery revenue.

Intelimark FLX

Lottery Terminal

The ILTS Intelimark FLX features fast, reliable and secure operation with user-friendly features that increase operator efficiency and reduce transaction time.

Its powerful microprocessor and advanced modular design provide a flexible platform to process a high-volume of lottery wagers, validate both on-line and instant tickets, print reports and perform self-diagnostics.


Along with this, its patented, custom-tailored graphical user interface reduces the number of selling steps and guides the operator through all essential functions. It also lets you take advantage of application programs and expand operations with new functions in the future, so you can always meet the needs of both players and retailers.

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