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Intelimark® FLXPlus
Racing Terminal

The ILTS Intelimark® FLXPlus delivers performance and reliability with enhanced functionality and more customization options. Combining the ILTS patented ticket-handling system with the latest point-of-sale technology, this compact yet powerful wagering terminal speeds sell transactions while increasing operator efficiency through user-friendly, touch screen technology. Key features include:

  • State-of-the-art processor with expandable memory up to 4GB

  • Larger 15” touch screen display

  • Optional magnetic / smart card / bar code reader

  • Optional ticket branding in language of your choice

  • Color customization of main unit

When it comes to maximizing your racing revenues, the Intelimark FLXPlus has the features and functionality to help you cross the finish line first.

Intelimark FLX

Racing Terminal

The ILTS Intelimark FLX makes bet processing fast and easy. Combining a powerful microprocessor with user-friendly features, this operator-tended terminal quickly guides operators through all essential functions to reduce transaction time and increase efficiency.

A patented, custom-tailored graphical user interface and high-speed contact image scanner cut down the number of selling steps and allow sell transactions to be entered automatically for fast multiple bet processing. The system also offers:

  • Large, state-of-the-art processor with 2GB memory

  • 12.1″ or 14″ TFT Active Matrix color touch screen display

  • Optional magnetic / smart card reader and PIN pad

For high performance with optimum flexibility, the Intelimark FLX gives you everything you need to keep pace.

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