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Intelimark® SST
Racing Terminal

Designed for on- or off-course betting operation, the ILTS Intelimark® SST self-service kiosk streamlines wagering transactions and controls costs by accepting bets directly from punters. Using a self-prompting color touch screen, it displays welcoming information that guides punters through the wagering process quickly and easily.

Intelimark® SST

Self Service Kiosk

With customer access and payment controlled through a magnetic and smart card reader, the terminal accepts winning tickets, vouchers, cash cards or account cards for cashless wagering.


A high-resolution thermal printer produces bar-coded receipts or summary information printouts for account betting. The bar code reader even lets the punter scan the printed receipt for instant transaction and verification, or to credit winning tickets to the user’s account.

Additional options include note acceptor, attendant call button and light.

Whether you’re looking to complement standard betting windows or run a stand-alone operation, the self-serve Intelimark SST delivers the reliable performance and flexibility to meet your individual racing system need

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